Summoned Slaughterer

  • Sinopsis

    Tohno Hifumi dipanggil ke dunia lain untuk menjadi Pahlawan bagi sebuah kerajaan.Tanpa tidak diketahui oleh para pemanggil,dia ternyata orang yang telah menahan insting pembunuhnya dengan seni bela diri. Setibanya di sana, ia membantai berbagai ksatria dan dalang acara tersebut, Raja, karena menculiknya ke dunia ini.

    Takut lebih banyak orang terbunuh oleh Hifumi, sang Putri — yang merupakan satu-satunya yang berhasil menjaga kewarasannya bertindak secara rasional — membiarkannya bebas. Maka dimulailah kehidupan Hifumi yang menyenangkan dalam menjelajahi dunia, dengan membunuh siapa pun yang berusaha menghalangi jalannya.


    Web Novel


    Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Martial Arts,Mature,Romance,Seinen

    Intro of the Summoned Slaughterer

    Chapter 1: Flip the Switch 
    Chapter 2: The Kill 
    Chapter 3: Can’t Repeat

    Volume 1 - Hifumi in the Royal Capital

    Chapter 4: More than Words 
    Chapter 5: True Colors 
    Chapter 6: Closer to the Edge 
    Chapter 7: Warning 
    Chapter 8: What a fool believes
    Chapter 9: Weapon of Choice 
    Chapter 10: The Fight Song
    Chapter 11: Can’t Stop 
    Chapter 12: Makes me 
    Chapter 13: Stronger 
    Chapter 14: Decadence Dance 

    Volume 2 - Let's Enjoy Ourselves at the Border

    Chapter 15: Don’t lie 
    Chapter 16: Viva la Vida
    Chapter 17: Hail and Kill
    Chapter 18: New Divide
    Chapter 19: Know Your Enemy

    Volume 3 - The Hero is Thirsting for Blood

    Chapter 20: Like Toy Soldiers
    Chapter 21: Shining Star
    Chapter 22: Another One Bites The Dust
    Chapter 23: Runaway
    Chapter 24: Welcome to the Black Parade
    Chapter 25: Take A Look Around
    Chapter 26: Hush

    Volume 4 - What you Need in War is Money

    Chapter 27: This Is War
    Chapter 28: Young And The Hopeless
    Chapter 29: There She goes
    Chapter 30: From the Inside
    Chapter 31: This Love
    Chapter 32: Message in a Bottle
    Chapter 33: Overjoyed
    Chapter 34: Highway Star
    Chapter 35: Celebrity
    Chapter 36: Take Me Home
    Chapter 37: Candy
    Chapter 38: Sunday Morning

    Volume 5 - One Battle Follows the Other

    Chapter 39: Roll On
    Chapter 40: Come To Me
    Chapter 41: Nobody’s Listening
    Chapter 42: LIAR
    Chapter 43: When It’s Over
    Chapter 44: Points of Authority

    Volume 6 - Internal Squabble of the Castle

    Chapter 45: Killer Queen
    Chapter 46: We Will Rock You
    Chapter 47: Not Meant For Me
    Chapter 48: Night Of Fire

    Volume 7 - It's Better for the bait's Side to be Lively

    Chapter 49: Do Your Thing
    Chapter 50: Selfish
    Chapter 51: Black Or White
    Chapter 52: Uptown Girl
    Chapter 53: This Is The New Shit
    Chapter 54: Macy’s Day Parade
    Chapter 55: By Myself
    Chapter 56: Wanted Dead Or Alive

    Volume 8 - Assault! The Country of Magic

    Chapter 57: Bad Medicine
    Chapter 58: Virtual Insanity
    Chapter 59: Someday We’ll All Be Free
    Chapter 60: Second Solution
    Chapter 61: I Shot The Sheriff
    Chapter 62: Eat It
    Chapter 63: So Lonely
    Chapter 64: Desecration Smile
    Chapter 65: War Pigs
    Chapter 66: Who Are You?

    Volume 9 - There is Cultural Exchange Because Peace is in Sight

    Chapter 67: As Long As You Love Me
    Chapter 68: Come Together
    Chapter 69: My Way
    Chapter 70: Runnin’ With The Devil
    Chapter 71: Faint
    Chapter 72: Miss You
    Chapter 73: In My Place
    Chapter 74: Stupid Like This
    Chapter 75: DreamGirls
    Chapter 76: Rebellion

    Volume 10 - Things like Coronations,Rebellions and Marriages

    Chapter 77: Bad Day
    Chapter 78: Dance Floor Anthem
    Chapter 79: Kings and Queens
    Chapter 80: Paradise City
    Chapter 81: Marry You
    Chapter 82: Marry Her
    Chapter 83: Yellow

    Volume 11 - Let's go to the Wastelands and Play with the Fluffy Ones

    Chapter 84: Road Trippin’
    Chapter 85: Eye Of The Tiger
    Chapter 86: Hey Brother
    Chapter 87: Walking Disaster
    Chapter 88: One Way Or Another
    Chapter 89: Trust?
    Chapter 90: Not A Bad Thing
    Chapter 91: Smile
    Chapter 92: Night Of The Hunter
    Chapter 93: Twist and Shout
    Chapter 94: Pour It Up
    Chapter 95: Arrogance
    Chapter 96: Satisfaction
    Chapter 97: Hook In Mouth
    Chapter 98: In A World Like This

    Volume 12 - The end of the Elves

    Chapter 99: Discovery
    Chapter 100: Welcome To The Jungle
    Chapter 101: Why We Thugs
    Chapter 102: The Kids Aren’t Alright
    Chapter 103: Dare
    Chapter 104: To Feel The Fire
    Chapter 105: Crawling

    Volume 13 - The Demons are within a Cage

    Chapter 106: Sweet Sacrifice
    Chapter 107: Not Afraid
    Chapter 108: Purple Haze
    Chapter 109: Unchain My Heart
    Chapter 110: Kick In The Teeth
    Chapter 111: Dancing In The Moonlight
    Chapter 112: Livin’ La Vida Loca
    Chapter 113: Heart Of Mine
    Chapter 114: Under Pressure
    Chapter 115: Demon Days
    Chapter 116: The Beautiful People
    Chapter 117: No Reason
    Chapter 118: Candle In The Wind

    Volume 14 - What Maturing Accomplishes

    Chapter 119: Mess Around
    Chapter 120: [s]AINT
    Chapter 121: 99 Problems
    Chapter 122: Tumbling Dice
    Chapter 123: Tragedy
    Chapter 124: Breakdown Dead Ahead
    Chapter 125: Lying From You
    Chapter 126: Soldiers Of The Wasteland
    Chapter 127: Black Dog
    Chapter 128: Hero
    Chapter 129: In The World Like This
    Chapter 130: Greatest Day
    Chapter 131: Somewhere I Belong
    Chapter 132: Eat You Alive
    Chapter 133: Putting In Holes Happiness
    Chapter 134: Hurricane
    Chapter 135: Don’t Stand So Close To Me
    Chapter 136: Want You Bad
    Chapter 137: The Warrior Inside
    Chapter 138: My Hero
    Chapter 139: Poker Face
    Chapter 140: Nuclear Family
    Chapter 141: Wild World
    Chapter 142: Mind Trip
    Chapter 143: The Monster
    Chapter 144: Psychosocial
    Chapter 145: Lionsong
    Chapter 146: Magic
    Chapter 147: Breathe Easy
    Chapter 148: Thriller
    Chapter 149: Getting Away With Murder
    Chapter 150: Come Out And Play
    Chapter 151: Girlfriend
    Chapter 152: Don’t Stop The Party
    Chapter 153: I Want To Party 

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    1. Belum bisa di baca nih, up dong gan

    2. Belum bisa di baca nih, up dong gan

    3. Kayaknya bagus nih min.
      Bdw HTK hari ini up gak nih??

    4. Wanjeer enak aja main tebas2 orang wlwk

    5. rame euy tapi sedikit yg TL in. itupun paling banyak sampe volume 3 chapter 26.

      semoga disini cepet TL in nya


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