Risou no Hime Seikatsu

Night Mode


Dipanggil oleh wanita cantik ke dunia lain, Yamai Zenjirou diminta untuk menikahi dan membuat anak dengannya.Apakah ia akan meninggalkan kehidupannya di Bumi untuk menjadi sponger dari wanita cantik itu?

Associated Names        Type : Light Novel
The ideal sponger life           Genre  : Action,Adventure
理想のヒモ生活                                  Comedy, Drama,Fantasy
理想的小白脸生活                              Mature,Romance,Seinen
                                                              Slice of Life
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Prologue: Their Respective Opinions

Chapter 01: Debut into Higher Society

Chapter 02: The Emissary from the Twin Kingdom

Chapter 03: The Queen’s Pregnancy
Chapter 04: The confidential Message from the Twin Kingdom
Chapter 05: First Step Outside
Chapter 06: A Fierce Conflict in Form of Negotiations
Chapter 07: The Secret Contract is Signed
Epilogue: The Prince is Born
Extra Stories about the Waiting Maids and their Master: The Collaboration

Prologue: Dawn of the Second Year
Chapter 01: The Incident on the Salt Road
Chapter 02: Activity in the Capital
Chapter 03: The Salt Road
Chapter 04: Zenjirou’s Daily Life
Chapter 05: A formidable Opponent at Noon, a Lesson in the Evening and Comfort at Night.
Chapter 06: Matters Set in Motion
Extra Stories about the Waiting Maids and their Master: The Culture Clash

Prologue: The Journey of the Prince and Princess
Chapter 01: The Queen, the Prince Consort, the Prince and the Princess
Intermission 1: The Hero and the Youngster
Chapter 02: The Puppet and the Puppet Master
Intermission 2: The Battle of the Dragonback Archery Knights
Chapter 03: Zenjirou’s Mistake
Intermission 3: A Quiet Road
Chapter 04: The Confined and Revealed Secrets of the Princes
Chapter 05: The Intention Falls Into Place
Extra Stories about the Waiting Maids and their Master: Mutual Assistance

Prologue: The Sign of a Ship at the Seaport
Chapter 01: The Prince Consort Is Working Away From Home
Chapter 02: Princess Freya of the Sea
Intermission 1: The Hunt
Chapter 03: The Boundary Between Goodwill and Ulterior Motives
Intermission 2: Tracks on the Ground, but no Dragon in Sight
Chapter 04: The Path of the Vicious Circle
Chapter 05: A Crisis Born from Good Intentions
Chapter 06: Final Phase of the Dragon Subjugation
Extra Stories about the Waiting Maids and their Master: Special Training

Prologue: New Year Festival in the Carpa Kingdom
Chapter 01: The Marriage of the General
Chapter 02: Victory Celebration in the Capital
Chapter 03: The Perspective of Princess Freya
Intermission: The Twin Kingdom takes Actions
Chapter 04: A Number of Arrangements
Epilogue: Heading for the March of Guzzle
Extra Stories about the Waiting Maids and their Master: Changes in the Staff

Prologue: On the Way There
Chapter 01: Arrival
Chapter 02: The Marriage Ceremony
Intermission I: The Queen in the Capital
Chapter 03: For a Trivial Reason
Intermission 2: The Queen has Confidence
Chapter 04: Neck-and-neck Argument
Chapter 05: Nigh on Conclusion
Chapter 06: In the Aftermath

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